iPhone 4 Ringtones

iPhone 4 Ringtones 🎼🎵 🎶
This is My first and the last iPhone.
iPhone 4 has some awesome ringtones. 🎼🎵 🎶


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The iPhone 4 is a smartphone that was designed and marketed by Apple Inc. The iPhone 4 was first unveiled on June 7, 2010, at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco, and was released on June 24, 2010, in the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Japan. The iPhone 4 introduced a new hardware design to the iPhone family, which Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs touted as the thinnest smartphone in the world at the time; it consisted of a stainless steel frame which doubles as an antenna, with internal components situated between aluminosilicate glass. The iPhone 4 also introduced Apple’s new high-resolution “Retina Display” with a pixel density of 326 pixels per inch while maintaining the same physical size and aspect ratio as its precursors. The iPhone 4 also introduced Apple’s A4 system-on-chip, along with iOS 4—which notably introduced multitasking functionality and Apple’s new FaceTime video chat service. The iPhone 4 was also the first iPhone to include a front-facing camera.
While it was a market success, with over 600,000 pre-orders within 24 hours, the release of the iPhone 4 was plagued by highly publicized reports that abnormalities in its new antenna design caused the device to lose its cellular signal if held in a certain way. Most human contact with the phone’s outer edge would cause a significant decrease in signal strength. The iPhone 4 spent the longest time as Apple’s flagship iPhone model at fifteen months. Although the succeeding 4S was announced in October 2011, the 4 continued to be sold as a midrange model until September 2012, and thereafter as the entry-level offering in Apple’s lineup until September 2013 with the announcement of the iPhone 5S/iPhone 5C. The iPhone 4 had the longest lifespan of any iPhone ever produced, spanning close to four years and available in some developing countries until early 2015.

The display of the iPhone 4 is manufactured by LG under an exclusive contract with Apple. It features an LED backlit TFT LCD capacitive touchscreen with a pixel density of 326 pixels per inch.

The iPhone 4 features an additional front-facing VGA camera, and a backside-illuminated 5-megapixel rear-facing camera with a 3.85 mm f/2.8 lens and an LED flash. The rear-facing camera is capable of recording HD video in 720p at 30 frames per second. Both cameras make use of the tap to focus feature, part of iOS 4, for photo and video recording. The rear-facing camera has a 5× digital zoom.

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